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Wasserwechsel am Mittwoch ab ca. 17h


You can find out about the opening hours of the Beizli at

ÖFFNUNGSZEITEN | Camping Brenzikofen (



We would love to fill the "Bedli" but:

- the Rotache carries too much water, we can't dam it up and

- the water temperature is currently less than 10° (Friday, 14.6.2024 at 10am)...


We'll keep you updated and are confident that we'll be able to swim here soon!!! 


Water of the Rotache:

The water from the Rohrimoos and the Wachesldornmoos flows into the Rotache. The swimming pool is filled with Rotachen water. The colour of the water is determined by the amount of moor water. During heavy rainfall, blue clay from the Eiweid (municipality of Wangelen) is also washed into the Rotache - this clay discolours the Rotache greyish.

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